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Denise "Kikki" Guinn has been obsessed with comics since childhood along with most thing nerdy. She made her first comic, Witch Way, in the summer of 2004. Thankfully it did not last long since it was a travesty of comicdom.

From March 2009 to May 2011 she was part of Robot Cowboy Studios, a group cartooning studio based in Lubbock, TX along side cartoonist/artists Will Terrell, Amber Terrell, Rachael Anderson, Brandon Adkins, Syd G, Derrick Fleece, and Nick Webb.

She currently lives in Lubbock, TX with her brother, and fellow cartoonist, Ryan and her cat Chihiro (aka nubbins, cat, and satan's child). Along with all things comics, Kikki also enjoys making videos for YouTube, Doctor Who, video games, and watching horror films...especially if it involves zombies.
Previous titles include: Witch Way, Stupidity in the Right Ear, Kenyagi, Beyond the Pale, Of Snakes and Apples, Cecil, The Telltale Leaf, and Spare Parts.

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